We believe creativity combines 
clever with context
and a dash of 


Are you expecting to be entertained or something?

This is a website not a theme park.

You’re still here? This is a really basic page, ya know.

Zzzzz . . .

Are you waiting for colors and pictures and videos and flashing things and interactive widgets and animated GIFs and pretty fonts and buttons and clicky things?

Sorry, but they all decided to boycott creativity because she got her own page.

And now, your Kindle is getting jealous.

Slightly entertained? 

That is the irony of this whole page. 
And this is creativity at its most fundamental:
Stimulating attention. 

Need some? 


Clever with context 
and a dash of 

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Our main goal at AMPLIFY is to help you get to your next level by using all kinds of creativity and technology tools.

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