Full Branding, WordPress, UX/UI, Website, Design, Messaging, Pictures, Video and Story
Intersekt Alliance is a specialized group of consultants focused on “Diversity Equity and Inclusion” work with communities, law enforcement, healthcare and education. [NOTE: It was co-founded by AMPLiFY’s, Michael Nelson Rizzo.]

What We Started With

Ground zero! Intersekt needed everything beyond the concept. We created a “make-it-real” strategy with a suite of tactics including a style manual, logo, website, messaging, videos and setting up on social media platforms.
  1. Coming up with the final logo took a few designers and versions over time. But one of the clever ideas was when one of the founders came up with the name Intersekt Alliance and purposely misspelled Intersect with a “k” to represent roads of intersection. 
  2. There were no extraordinary challenges other than the normal workings of creating a brand, its messaging and total existence in the world. 
  1. We have engaged email campaigns, signup forms and online event registration. It’s not interesting but it’s a common need. 
  2. We’ve captured a lot of video and pictures through the years, interviewing many police officers and officials. Getting the needed interviews while being discreet in a public forum can be a challenge in etiquette and respect.  
  3. Managing a number of people’s preferences can be a challenge but we do a good job of listening and communicating with all stake-holders.

Hosting and Website Support. Marketing and Communication help as needed. 

Our Recent Work

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