Introducing the EVERYTHING Plan

The Everything Plan is a “growth-oriented” subscription model that allows us to be pro-active with all of your online needs.*

Planning & Leadership

Creative & Content

Web Support & Google

Social & Email Launch

We go above and beyond to amplify your business: From strategy to web support, to creative and marketing, we’ll work with you each quarter to set goals and reassess.

*Your current website and branding must be somewhat recent and up to date. If it’s not, we can help! But that’s outside the scope of the Everything Plan.

Why this is cool

(Go ahead and mouse over things.)

We're Proactive

We'll handle your online business so you can handle your main business.

Affordable Starter Subscription

We meet you where you’re at with an affordable "starter" subscription. Every quarter we’ll assess performance together, and as we meet goals and/or your revenue increases, your subscription price will increase to an agreed upon amount.

"Best Value" Approach

Within each quarter, we choose tactics to balance short-term gains and long-term growth. Every decision focuses on fast success and sustainable performance.

"Core Services"

We offer a healthy suite of "core services" that we pull from, at our discretion, to give us the best chance of success.

No Time Tracking

Let's make this simple.


This is our extra-creative “playland” where the AMPLIFY team may create "higher end" content or tactics because we want too and we like you. We may choose to do it at our cost or make a "good deal" proposal to you.

Results Pricing

Our rates only increase when you start making more money as a result of our efforts.

Discounted "Out Of Scope" Services

If you want a tactic or service that we deem unnecessary to the strategy, we will let you know it's "out of scope" and offer an estimate. As our relationship has some "legs", we may be inclined to work in a discount or payments.

Flexible Strategy

Although we'll define our tactics each quarter, we have the freedom to change the plan if an opportunity arises that could benefit you.

tactics & services

Why hire a single “marketing” person when you can get an expert team (and all this below) for less?


Ideas, writing, design, layout, story-telling


Ideas, planning, understanding, trends


Metrics, reports, various analytics

*Web Support

Site and plugin updates, monitoring, optimizing


Graphics, photography, video, editing,

Web Dev.

Wireframe, layout, design, production

*Google Svcs.

Analytics, My Business, Reviews, Maps,

SEO Svcs.

On-page SEO, technical SEO, optimization

Email+Blog +Reviews

Setup, launch of email list and campaign; Review sites and Blog.

Social media

Setups, launches, limited posting and monitoring of FB, IG, YT, LI.


Copy, microcopy, story-design, editing

Project Mgmt.

Task assignment and organization, workflow

*The combined value of just these items normally starts at hundreds of dollars per month..
Check out our sister company: ( for more details.

You may ask,

“But How can you do everything?”

A: Because we know a lot about a lotta stuff! Our vast well of knowledge allows us to quickly assess and filter out what to focus on now or later. And, we look at both your creative AND technology.

Today, Creative and tech are equal partners

If your perfectly crafted message or award-winning design is sitting on an outdated or shoddy backend, it’s impact is greatly diminished. But if your perfect optimization has ugly design on top, you also lose. 12+ year’s experience with client’s online needs has shown us again and again that there are numerous online “gaps” that most clients don’t know about, can’t afford, keep track of (or make sense of!)

It was time to do something radical

So, to truly help our clients, we’ve tossed aside conventional wisdom holding us back to work toward one simple objective…

We want to get you to the next level.

So how does all
this really work?

In A Nutshell. We assess your online status and talk with you about it. We agree to a "rough" plan, price and goals for that quarter. If we meet the goals and you make more money, we make more money. We repeat this process every quarter. Simple.

1. Inquire. Assess. Subscribe. After receiving your inquiry, we'll quickly check out your online presence for what you have (and don't have), how current your information is, what's ready to go for the Everything Plan and what needs to be heavily updated before we can start. Then we'll set a time for a brief phone conversation about where you think you are at, what you want to achieve, and where we think you are at and how we can begin. We'll briefly discuss some plan ideas, goals and settle on price points. From here, we part ways or move forward.

2. Draft and discuss your starting-plan. After the first payment we will draft a more particular plan of action and discuss it with you. We will go over our tactical ideas and why we chose them, our rough timeline and expectations - and we'll get started. 

3. Get access, logins, data, content and info.  Before we can do anything, we'll need full access and logins. We'll probably request that you send us any marketing materials, source files for logos and graphics (or high res versions), a folder of pictures, and any collateral materials you may have.

4. We get to work.  This is where we do our thing. Every client's situation is different and customized with our expertise focused on achieving our mutually set goals.

5. For creative ideas and content, we'll get your OK, first.  Although, a foundational approach for the Everything Plan is that we "take charge" as your online experts, when it comes to larger efforts that involve your brand or message, we will seek your active participation and approval before we go live with it.

6. We may dip into "BonusLand." BonusLand is our creative "Disneyland" where we may choose to go "over and above" and create and produce cool things that are technically "out of scope" (because you're a fair, cool and supportive customer) and because we'd believe it'd be a beneficial investment of our efforts.

7. You get updates at varying frequency. It could be daily, weekly or monthly that we give you a quick update or report on where your site analytics are and what we've been doing and focusing on. Some weeks may be quite dynamic while others less so. 

8. Reassess each quarter. At the end of each quarter, we'll deliver a report and overview, and present you with some questions about your progress and business status, as well as a survey on our performance and service and if you (or your customers) are noticing any changes or improvements. If we mutually agree that we have met our goals, we will increase our fees for the next quarter. 

Here are some quick guidelines so we know the important boundaries that can make this work:


We are a small team of experts being proactive for you in determining a strategy and tactics and the execution thereof.

Each quarter, we assess and present a simple plan, tactics and goals.


You need to be an active partner in the process, which we will lead. We will be the primary contributor but you may need to help write copy, review, edit, monitor and contribute to website pages, social media posts, blog articles, etc., and generally help us fittingly represent you and your brand essence. 

You need to have a somewhat recent website, decent logo and branding elements (colors, fonts, graphic elements) because we build on what you have. If you are lacking these basics, we can certainly get you up to speed but that's outside the scope of the Everything Plan.


6 month minimum commitment with quarterly commitments thereafter.

Each month is paid in advance.

Upon your first 6 months, you may cancel when you submit payment for your 6th month. Subsequently, you may cancel upon your last payment of each quarter. 

We don't bill by the hour.

Ultimately, this is "goal-achieved" pricing which is determined together by you and us. As goals are achieved, the monthly price will increase beginning the next quarter and maintain at that level until the next set of goals is achieved.

There are no refunds.


Tactics and services are performed at our sole discretion with your tacit approval. Be aware that we DO NOT perform every service every day, week, month or quarter. You are contracting us as the experts to engage in "best practices" for your success! Be aware that some of our methods may be observable while others may be more "behind-the-scenes."

If you want a tactic or service that we deem unnecessary to the strategy, we will let you know it's "out of scope" and offer an estimate.


You understand that ideas, technical and creative efforts and strategies are somewhat "risky" and that there is no guarantee of success or increased revenue and are aware of and agree to the terms and guidelines herein. 

A limited license is granted for intellectual property and factored into a full 12-months of payments. If you cancel your subscription before 12 months, we will negotiate a license fee. After 12 months of payments, you will be granted a license in perpetuity limited to the current use.

You understand and agree that we won't be responsible for any negative or positive reviews about you or your business and we're not responsible for the performance of any third-party services (i.e., Facebook, hosting, developer of a plugin, etc.) whether we recommended their use or not; or from any hacking, malware, spyware, viruses or similar that may happen to your online assets from anything we do directly or indirectly for you; or for any decrease in traffic or negative reviews for your business. 

Remember, the basic terms require that your website is fairly recent and that you have a solid logo, colors and fonts. We build off of these items. Of course, if you don’t have these things ready to go, we can provide these services at an additional investment – possibly with a discount and payments.

No. This is NOT a social media posting and monitoring plan. Nor is it a “we do everything for you email campaign + landing pages” plan. We will get them all setup and launched with initial posting. We will also provide policies and limited training for your staff. We may randomly post to and monitor your accounts but that enters into the “Bonus Land” realm or additional services.

The fundamental factor that makes the Everything Plan possible, has to do with WHO decides how and what services and tactics to do by the day, week, month, quarter or year. 

If we, the experts, primarily decide, it’ll be covered under the Everything Plan. 

If you, the client, want to do something specifically that we don’t think is necessary under the Everything Plan, we will consider doing it for an additional price. If we have a favorable and friendly relationship with you, we may offer additional discounts and payments. Nice business is good business! 🙂

That said, you can request anything you want but we may deem it outside the scope of the Everything Plan.

In further detail, don’t expect a $3000 email newsletter or a $6,000 video for the subscription plan price. We have to stay in business too! That said, the overall value will be substantial. (See our examples further below.) There are a lot of “best practices” services and tactics we can reasonably perform that should positively impact your business!

Maybe. Maybe not. The primary goal is to design a plan to help your online presence and business grow. Some weeks, months or quarters, there may be more behind-the-scenes technical work going on. Other times there may be more creative and promotional efforts. Or both! Each quarter we’ll reassess with you what we did, what worked and what we want to do the next quarter.

We need you! You are our key partner for your success! We will need your input, feedback and help with creating and finalizing content. Especially in the beginning. We don’t know your business like you know your business so we will have questions and thoughts that will require your prompt attention. We will probably also ask you to write and contribute copy, microcopy and pictures – as well as review and edit content we create. Remember, this is a partnership. That said, we don’t intend for this to be a burden on you! And the longer we work together, the easier it will get. We will provide structure, guidance and support along with our technical, creative, marketing and idea expertise – but we need your contributions too!

BonusLand is where the Amplify team may go “over and above” in additional creative ideas. Truly, it’s really spurred on by an overall good relationship with you! (Nice business is good business!) For example, we may be inspired with a strategic campaign idea to produce a simple video in the hopes that it helps us reach our goals quicker. The extra cool part: Things we choose to do in “BonusLand” don’t cost you more. 

Payments are made in advance of a month, not at the end. We allow clients to pay month-to-month but require at least a 6 month commitment. Afterwards, you commit for a quarter at a time. Towards the end of your first 6 months, you may cancel when you submit payment for your 6th month. Subsequently, you may cancel upon your last payment of each quarter. If you want to pay quarterly or annually, we can discuss this. 

Although we propose the services and tactics, you can veto. Ultimately, this is your business and brand and if you don’t feel we are representing it well, you shouldn’t work with us.

If we can’t easily agree on more subjective creative ideas, we may propose more technical services and tactics.

That said, the first 6 months are the most important and lay the ground work in many ways. Please make sure you understand the following:

Before payment #1 – We will assess and propose a plan and goals draft for the next 6 months. At this point, you can choose not to work with us or we can negotiate some changes and move forward. Be aware, once you make your first payment, you must fulfill the minimum 6 months of payments. The reason is, we will probably perform many valuable “best practices” services early on that require many month’s of payments for it to make economic sense for us. And we also need time to see results! This will be true of subsequent quarter’s whereas we may begin the plan with more “heavy-lifting” upfront and need weeks and months to see results.

There is no catch. We really do want to engage in a HUGE VALUE package like our Everything Plan that helps you grow and make more money. Again, this was birthed from our frustration of seeing a myriad of “best practices” that clients SHOULD be doing. Many of these “best practices” aren’t that hard or time-consuming to do in the hands of experts (like us!) but they’re difficult to sell to a client because they aren’t often crucial or the client doesn’t have the time to understand the long-term gain.

There are no hidden costs. You will never get a surprise bill. Ultimately, you are paying for our technical and creative expertise and the execution thereof. We may propose extra services or tactics but you don’t have to do them.

Be aware that third-party costs such as hosting, Google AdWords, online advertising fees, SSL certificates, email newsletter services, etc., are extra. But they have to first be approved by you.

No. Third-party costs such as hosting, Google AdWords, online advertising fees, SSL certificates, email newsletter services, and similar services are extra. But they have to first be approved by you.

When we first assess your situation and propose a draft plan, we will also propose your monthly price. Our goal is that it is affordable and smart for you and us. This will stay the same until we meet our mutually agreed goals, at which time, the price will increase to a mutually agreed amount starting the beginning of the next quarter term. Each quarter we will reassess and mutually set goals and price increases. 

Simply, if you make more money, we make more money. 

Yes! At your discretion, for your existing webpages where you want to change some copy or swap out a photo, you can submit a request and supply the content and we’ll post it. If we think your content is contrary to our agreed upon strategy, we’ll discuss this with you. 

We can help you just like we've helped 100's of others